When it comes to sound reproduction in concert halls, theatres, cinemas, festivals, nightclubs and anywhere else that sound really matters, JBL can confidently say "Been there, done that."

Before THX® and Dolby®, before stereo and even hi-fi, there was JBL. And today, in more than 70% of all professional installations around the world JBL Loudspeakers continue to be the one benchmark for quality, the singular reference for accuracy in the playback of recorded sound.

JBL takes its decades of experience making speakers and other equipment for concert halls and other public venues, and uses it to create audio equipment for consumers around the world. You can enjoy a movie, ball game or concert as part of a huge crowd or in your home - but either way, you can catch all of the sounds with superb clarity through JBL components.

JBL is the one brand audio professionals rely on. The fact remains: wherever the need and whatever the budget, JBL is the leader, the innovator, the authority.