Two distinctly different styles of preamplifier- two state of the art examples of performance and functionality. Better yet, the CP800 Stereo Preamplifier and SSP800 Surround Sound Processor offer remarkable value for money while still being designed for audiophiles who enjoy the luxury of choosing ultimate musical performance over budgetary concerns. Excellent laboratory measurements, powerful control and configuration flexibility, and an elegant touchscreen interface add to the utility and value of Classé's top Delta series preamplifiers. 

The CP800 manages to be Classé's best-ever analogue preamp, but even more significantly it's designed to address the needs of modern computer-based audio. It harnesses the full potential of digital music files combined with all the convenience you could wish for.

The lauded SSP800 retains the Classé reputation for superlative sound while offering the flexibility and operability demanded by today's most advanced Audio-Visual media. Offering an upgrade path to ensure compatibility with future high resolution formats, the SSP800 has become recognised as a benchmark multi-channel preamp/processor with almost unrivalled capabilities.

The Classé Design Team has developed the CP800 & SSP800 with the goal of offering the world's foremost control centres for both two channel and multi channel applications. We don't think you'll be disappointed. 

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