Custom Installation

Bowers & Wilkins has been the reference point in loudspeaker development and innovation for over 30 years.   

Our groundbreaking Nautilus™ has been acclaimed as the best loudspeaker money can buy.  Our 800 Series speakers, meanwhile, are specified by Abbey Road Studios, the home of landmark recordings such as ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd and ‘Abbey Road’ by the Beatles.

Our philosophy is simple.  Nothing must get in the way of the musical performance; it must be utterly faithful to the original in every last detail.  It’s a vision that has made Bowers & Wilkins the loudspeakers to aspire to for anyone who seeks audio perfection. 

Now, the Bowers & Wilkins Custom Installation Series takes that vision of absolute purity to its logical conclusion.

Imagine.  World-leading sound reproduction concealed discreetly within your walls or ceilings.  This isn’t mere background music; this is pristine quality sound from the forefront of audio technology. 

It’s the ultimate temptation for music lovers whose passion of exquisite sound is matched by their desire for clean, stylish, uncluttered living.

Listen and you’ll see.