Pulse Mini


World-Class Speaker Design And Award-Winning Digital Amplification.

The Compact All-In-One Streaming Music System.

  • Simple setup, easily expandable and portable
  • Stream your digital music to anywhere in your home
  • Connect to and access internet radio stations and cloud music services
  • Integrated high-performance speakers
  • Innovative Digital amplifier
  • aptX® Bluetooth wireless built-in
  • Intuitive touch control on unit and via iOS, Android or Kindle Fire apps
  • Convenient desktop controller for Windows/OS X
  • Designed by audiophiles
  • Black or White


HiFi for every room. The PULSE MINI delivers true HiFi to any nook and cranny of your home. Using the same technologies as in the flagship PULSE 2, we’ve shrunk down the footprint without compromising the performance.

Put a PULSE MINI on any bookshelf, countertop or end table, and hear the difference that 60 Watts of tri-amplified 2.1 sound can bring to any room. Add a few around the house, and turn your whole home into a sound studio tapped into all the music ever recorded.

An innovative dual acoustic chamber with special DSP equalization merges isolated left and right channels through a shared port on the back, resulting in bass power and clarity that you simply have to hear to believe.

Like all PULSE all-in-one players, when used in pairs, the PULSE MINI is designed to create a large stereo sound field that will expand the way you think about compact speaker performance.

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